Timera - Online meeting room reservation


Today, holding meetings and conferences in all public and private offices is essential. Timera is a practical and proper reservation system for reserving conference halls and meeting rooms.

Since the capacity of the buildings in a commercial building is not sufficient to hold meetings and conferences, the layout and space required to hold a session should be different from the office space. Usually, there is a certain number of halls or rooms with different capacities and facilities to hold meetings in any office, company, or commercial complex, either public or private.

Fundamentally, different departments of the organization use these rooms to jointly hold their meeting and conferences. There are various meetings held in conference halls, working sessions of employers with customers, workshops, various conferences, and even internal meetings between board members or CEO and employees.

Considering the collective nature of using meeting halls, before holding any meeting, empty halls, the capacity of halls, and the reservation price of each hall should be checked carefully, and the hall should be booked at the time of interest. Many arrangements should be made with the hall reservation unit to ensure that the hall is empty, which is a time-consuming and challenging task. For example, while a department needs a specific hall, another department might also need the same hall; in this case, interference completely disrupts the schedule of one of the departments.

To overcome this problem, Bina Pardaz Yekta has designed and produced the Timera reservation system. The Timera reservation system has diverse and practical facilities, which authorized users can employ to reserve the hall at any time and place online.

This reservation system gives specifications of all the halls of the complex in detail. Users with different roles can be defined so as to access the system, for example, the individuals who can reserve the hall or those who just watch the reserved hall. In addition to companies, commercial complexes and universities, Technology and Science parks, innovation centers, growth centers, and business accelerators also host many knowledge-based companies and startups throughout the country. These centers can use Timera to manage to schedule their conference halls and meeting rooms with the technologists of these units.


Timera - A Reservation System for Technology Centers   

Science and Technology parks, innovation centers, growth centers, and business accelerators throughout the country host a large number of knowledge-based companies and startups.

Using Timera, these centers can easily manage to provide their conference halls and meeting rooms to the technologists of these units.

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Timera - A Reservation System for Organizations and Companies


There are several halls or rooms in each office, company, or complex for holding meetings. Different organizations jointly use them to hold working sessions with employers and customers and hold different conferences. 

Using Timera, colleagues can reserve the desired hall online.

Timera - A Reservation System for Education Centers

Using Timera, education centers can rent their classes and workshops to teachers and colleagues.

Timera – A Reservation System

With various practical facilities

ساعت رومیزی

Setting the Time and Reservation Cost

You can determine each hall's starting and ending time or larger and smaller fees paid at specific hours.

دامنه وب

Online Payment

You are ensured that fees have been paid before the session is held.


User Access

You can specify which halls or classes each user can reserve.

Facilities of Timera

Defining halls to the required number

Setting the starting and ending time for each hall on each day of the week

Setting unallowed reservation times

Setting different rates if it is required to charge different users at different times.

Online payment of the reservation price

Defining enterprise units

Defining users and setting each user’s access to each hall, setting user’s access expiration time

Possibility of recording costs and charges in Rials for the user by the hall manager

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