Developing Customized Software


We are specialized in developing customized software. With mastery over modern technologies, the expert, experienced, and agile technical team of Bina Pardaz Yekta is on your side in all steps, including needs assessment, design, implementation, deployment, and support to satisfy the software requirements of your organization.

Along the path of software development, quality, efficiency, security, and desired user experience are our top priorities.

To develop software, customer customization systems, and mobile applications, we use the most recent versions of tools, programming languages, and the following libraries:

(Backend) :

Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Visual Studio, C#,

 ASP.NET, .NET Core, WebAPI, SignalR, Web Service

(Frontend) :

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, VueJS, AngularJS, JQuery,

Bootstrap, Cordova

In the following, we describe how customized software is developed to become familiar with our activities. Also, to see the exclusive products and software developed by Bina Pardaz Yekta, you can refer to Timera: reservation system and BinaPay: online payment gateway.


Developing Customized Software

As mentioned in the website design and application development sections, today, organizations seek a competitive advantage over their competitors using the Internet and smart devices. Different organizations can use software with a particular format or order customized software depending on their requirements. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, based on which the employer must decide on the software type.

In the website design and application development sections, software development with ready templates was introduced. In Bina Pardaz Yekta, experts with special skills handle these issues.

This section addressed the process of developing customized software. The experts in this section of our company are skilled individuals with a rich background in this domain.

Developing customized software is suitable for organizations or companies with pure and unique ideas. It would be impossible to implement these ideas on ready templates. The software available in the market neither meets users’ requirements nor corresponds to their work procedure. So, they have to plan A to Z of the software to implement their ideas on their own site or application. The process of developing customized software is a complex, regular, and precise task, which should be done carefully step by step by the employer and the programming team.

Steps of Developing Customized Software

Needs Assessment and Sharing Ideas


It can be said that the most important part in the process of developing customized software is the needs assessment and sharing ideas. In the first step of developing customized software, a meeting is held between the design team and software developers and the company’s experts who have identified their ideas and requirements. All the content related to customers’ business and facilities expected to have been offered by the software is checked in this session.

All ideas and opinions are examined from different aspects. Criticism and suggestions for all ideas and designs are expressed. All proposed designs are carefully analyzed. Finally, the ideas that can be implemented are specified. Finally, a list of the requirements is provided to the software development company.

Since all subsequent processes of customized software development are related to this section, business owners and their experts should spend a lot of energy and time on this step. They should carefully provide a list of what they expect from software and write down each item’s key points on the list. It should be noted that all processes that should take place in their customized software are specified in this step.

If this step is not examined carefully with high accuracy and sufficient time, the software accuracy and efficiency could not be accurately determined. Meanwhile, the design and programming team should usher the company, advise them to achieve their goals and dreams, and introduce to them the software’s basic items to achieve these goals.

The expert team of Bina Pardaz Yekta will guide you in analyzing your business and developing useful software and will not leave you alone in this important matter.

Designing and Programming Customized Software

When employer demands and expectations of customized software are specified, the software developer team sets to work. In the design step, the design and programming team begins developing software. The first step that the software design team should take is to design information banks, fields, tables and determine their relationships.

When the design team has carried out the required actions to collect and design the above, it is time to pre-design the customized software based on the accurate design of the information bank. Now, the program forms should be designed, and

the relationship between the forms and the customized software should be tested. When the main design and initial tests are finished, the forms and main structure of the program need to be encoded, and the software and the information bank should be connected; finally, hypothetical input data is considered for the initial tests of the program. After the initial test, the design phase is finished.



When the above steps are completed, the software is implemented. This step is different depending on the type of the customized software. Besides, customized software developers should select the type of software implementation considering the software function and nature. Project programmers carry out all sections of this step. They should carefully encode and program the software and get through this step.

Testing and Evaluation


The next step is to test and evaluate the software. In this section, the performance accuracy of different parts of the software is evaluated. In addition, data storage accuracy in information banks is checked. After evaluating and testing the performance accuracy, all possible problems and shortcomings are resolved, and the test step is repeated. This step is continued until the software reaches the desired performance. Finally, when the best performance is achieved, the software is deployed and developed.


Deployment and Development

When the initial evaluation of the software and debugging steps are completed, the customized software is deployed and delivered to the final environment. This section focuses on ensuring the proper performance of the software for use by end-users.

At this point of the software life-cycle, the focus is on user feedback about fine-tuning the product, software configuration, installation, and usability tips.

Naturally, in this step where the user employs the software, new requirements might arise. To resolve these issues and meet these requirements, the software should be expanded and developed. Software development completes and optimizes its use. Finally, the final product paves the way for the company that has ordered the software to achieve its goals.

Training and Support


One of the critical phases in the process of customized software development is software training and support. In the training phase, the employer is trained to use the software correctly, and all software sections are described in detail. Finally, the software is delivered to the customer, but this is not the end. The most important phase required to ensure software survival is the support phase. All software needs support once developed, and if the support is not done properly, the software declines even if it has numerous features and capabilities. It should be considered that all software should be updated, and if they encounter a problem after a while, the support team will easily fix it.

In this article, the steps of customized software development were described in detail. Should your business need to attract attention and use a particular space, feel free to contact Bina Pardaz Yekta.