Customized Software Projects

Bostanchi Industrial Group, with 50 years of experience in manufacturing different types of fans, is active in consultation, design, supply, and installation of air ventilation systems as Total Solution.
Currently, Bina Pardaz Yekta is responsible for developing the company's fan section software.


Hamrah Mechanic Company was set up to offer specialized services and consultations about automobiles. Bina Pardaz Yekta was responsible for technical affairs and website programming of the company's website in 2013 and 2014.
Some of the practical modules designed and programmed for this website included:
Calculating used car prices
What can I buy with my money?

In 2015, the management of Kourosh Cinema Campus intended to set up a customer club and left its technical implementation to our team. The most important activities in this project are summarized as follows:
- Extracting information of movies and cinema sales from online sales systems using web service and storage in Microsoft CRM database after applying required filters
- Defining required rules to convert the ticket sales data to scores and grading
- Applying defined prizes like discounted tickets to the customers after reaching a certain level
- Designing web services to connect the club to a telegram bot and display the club information on the cinema website
- Designing and programming an optimal automatic configuration algorithm for cinema scenes based on economic and management parameters

The JobCity internet system was designed and programmed in 2012 by Bina Pardaz Yekta on the order of the Center for Science and Technology Studies, the Sharif University of Technology, to build a bridge between job seekers and employers. Some features of this system are as follows:
- Searching job opportunities for job seekers
- Searching resumes of job seekers for employers
- Providing samples of previous employment exams (tests)
- Participating in online sample exams
- Providing employment news on education, etc.

Golpayegan Petrochemical Co. (Ghaed Basir Co.) decided to make the technical document archive of its electronic devices in 2008.
Our technical team was asked to design and program the web search system and management of the technical document archive of this project.