Offercode-Providing Discount Codes


Offercode was established in 2016 as an online platform for offering discount codes and discounted offers to online stores and startups. With the development of the customer support and communication unit and promotion of the website, Offercode activities extended in 2017. In 2017, Offercode mainly focused on marketing and developing business relations. At the end of 2018, Offercode reinforced its technical potential and developed a strategic partnership with Bina Pardaz Yekta by transferring a part of its shares to this company. Reinforcing the brand, developing relationships with businesses, developing technical infrastructure, and improving customer support were among the most important objectives pursued by Offercode in 2020.

What is a Discount Code?

With the development of technology and the emergence of online stores, many people make their purchases online. Thus, the time required to make purchases is saved, and the products of interest are purchased without physical relocation. Also, by purchasing from online stores, the prices can be compared easily. One way to make a cost-effective purchase is to use discount codes. In e-commerce and online shopping, a discount code is a code that includes letters and numbers that people use while shopping to consider a discount on their purchase. Discount codes are used to attract customers to shop online. This is because providing customers with discount codes and rewards makes them familiar with the business, motivates them to buy, and makes them more loyal to the seller. 

Different Types of Discount Codes

Discount codes based on the percentage

This type of discount code or discount percentage (percentage discount) is applied to the overall invoice, or each product has its own discount percentage. This type of discount usually does not include tax and shipping costs, and it is only applied to the price of the products.

Free Shipping Discount

This type of discount code is usually applied to the shipping cost of the goods, and goods delivery is usually done free for the customer.

Fixed Discount Code

This type of discount code includes a fixed price, which is subtracted from the total price.

Hybrid Discount Code

This type of discount code combines two of the above; usually, it is a combination of fixed and percentage discount codes. First, a discount percentage is offered to the customer, but it has a maximum. For prices that their discount percentage exceeds the maximum discount, the maximum discount is considered—for example, a 30% discount up to 40,000 Tomans. If 30% of a price exceeds 40,000 Tomans, the discount would be the fixed amount of 40,000 Tomans instead of 30%.    

By visiting the Offercode website, you can get good discounts on your purchases and enjoy your online shopping.

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