BinaPay - Enterprise Payment Gateway


Today, the necessity of using novel payment methods is evident. Banks have made it possible to receive payments without an in-person visit by providing an online payment gateway. On the other hand, many large companies and organizations have subsets, systems, and applications with a wide range of services. However, setting up an independent online payment gateway for all of the above is unreasonable.

While this system does not replace the payment gateway provided by payment service provider (PSP) companies, it complements them and facilitates organizational procedures.

Which organizations is BinaPay suitable for?

دانشگاه‌ها، پارکهای علم و فناوری

Universities, Science and Technology Parks

By defining a gateway for each event, the revenues earned by each source are clarified.



Each company might have its own system by defining its internet gateway.


Institutes with Branches

All organizations that have branches throughout the country can define an independent gateway for each branch to obtain a comprehensive report of the revenues of those branches.

Advantages of BinaPay

فعال کردن درگاه به تعداد نامحدود

Defining an infinite number of gateways

the possibility of defining and enabling an infinite number of gateways by the system manager in a short time

گزارش گیری درگاه ها

Gateway reporting

the possibility of enabling/disabling reporting for managers of the subsets and monitoring the revenues

همیشه در دسترس

Accessible and controllable

the possibility of enabling/disabling the payment gateway web service for the software subsystems

کلیپ برد

Defining the independent payment form

the possibility of defining and adjusting the payment form for payments lacking an independent system.

درگاه مستقل از حساب

Account-independent Gateway

All organizational systems will be safe against changes in the organization's account and bank (payment) gateways; only the integrated gateway of the organization is updated.

پرداخت امن

Secure Payment

The payment gateway is an interface between the bank and the payer that executes this procedure securely.

Problems of Independent Payment Gateway

Setting up each gateway requires an administrative follow-up independent of the bank branch, which is a highly time-consuming task.

Changes in the technical or non-technical gateway requirements necessitate updating all organizational systems, which is a highly costly task.

Controlling, accessing, enabling/disabling each gateway is a difficult and time-consuming task.

Reporting transactions separately for each subsystem and checking their performance is a difficult task.

The enterprise integrated internet payment gateway provides a proper and practical approach to improving centralized management and resolving the abovementioned problems.

BinaPay Operators

Sharif University of Technology

Deputy of Research and Technology

Industry Relationships Office (since 2010)

Laboratory Service Center (since 2017)

Deputy of Education

Free Education Office (since 2014)

Deputy of Student Affairs (since 2016)

Nutrition Office

Dormitory Office

Deputy of Culture (since 2018)

Science and Technology Park of the Sharif University of Technology (since 2018)

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran (CCERCI) (since 2015)

Central Laboratory

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